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start to act or behave in a better or more responsible way.

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Changing the way we think about our environment is critical for our existence, so we have invested in the latest technology to try and make a difference.

We use a carbon cleaning machine that has been developed to clean using de-ionised water and a patented non corrosive or  chemical cleaner. Double the cleaning power of any machine in the UK. With a 25 Amp rating we do not  use your car to power the machine. With our dealer level OE diagnostic computers using original data and our ability to actuate the EGR valves and throttle control valves, we can get parts moving again and you back on the road. 

If you know anything about carbon build up, eventually it will stop all Euro 4,5 and 6 engines from working over time . After 20'000 miles the carbon deposits begin to build up, this is where issues start to occur. DPF's become filled with soot and limp mode kicks in, these are a classic symptom. 

Blocked DPF's are only too common, with a deep clean rescue programme we can recover DPF's blocked to 90% of soot. Returning the vehicle to a state where regeneration can be forced and the ECU unlocked with our software instead of replacing the DPF. Costs of DPF's are now ranging from £1600 to £9000 plus labour and also the cost of parts that buckle under the back pressure caused by a blocked DPF. 

We are not just a mobile mechanic, we are a bit more advanced than that. 

Changing the way we pollute the atmosphere one vehicle at a time.

Which vehicles

If you have an engine, then you will create a deposit within your vehicle. Every fuel has a by product, but it is how effective your machine or vehicle is at capturing the dangerous particles (NOx). Euro 6 diesel engines are set to 0.3ppm and to achieve this they have several systems in place to regenerate the unburnt gasses, collect the dangerous particles before turning them into water and oxygen.

But that only lasts as long as your engine, particulate filter, mechanical components or sensors are running at optimum condition & under conditions required to regenerate the DPF. Carbon cleaning is a way to keep your systems clean of carbon, but also to help recover parts that have become fouled and failing due to a faulty DPF, EGR, TCV's, Nox sensors and even ad-blue dosage systems. Crystallising the back end of DPF's restricting outward flow. 

Environment Friendly

Our Carbon Cleaning machines do not use chemicals full stop. We have one aim and that is to help to clean the air we breathe.

With 12 million diesel vehicles on our roads right now, the air pollution and smog is at an all time high. Asthma  sufferers are struggling to breathe and the government are leading calls to ban production of all fossil fuelled engines by 2030. By descaling your engine with our carbon cleaning machine you are allowing the air to flow in and out at the correct ratio maintaining a good system. Which will capture effectively the harmful NOx particles that are released by older engines not fitted with particulate filters. LPG, CNG, Petrol and Diesel are all fuel which burn hydrocarbons, our aim is to make sure your equipment keeps burning efficiently and the way it was designed to. Being a mobile mechanic means evolving to meet todays changing technology.

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