Welcome to Carbon Cleaning

What do we do

We are a mobile repair company who specialise in fleet repairs. We have 31 years experience in diesels, repairs, diagnostics and working alongside DVSA carrying out pre test MOT's and PMI's (VC10).

We work digitally, from Pro-Forma invoicing on site immediately, diagnostic where we use the very latest dealer level computer technology, to an all round system from Delphi who utilise OE diagnostic platforms using VM original data. 

We carry a tyre scanner also, which scans your tyres and gives you a digital printout of tracking and tyre wear, TPMS defects and torque wrenches to keep wheels torqued to the correct value preventing wheel loss.

With an ever increasing issue with breakdowns of HGVs and LGVs being down to carbon build up it was decided to try and find a solution for fleet operators and to minimise down time and the costs of recharges by leasing companies. The issues with carbon build up can lead to failure of several components, the most expensive part being the DPF and Particulate filter. Other vehicles we have had issues with continue to be multi drop vans, where regeneration  can  not take place due to conditions not being met, the soot content rises until it is fully blocked. Costs are variable, £500 for a call out to force a regeneration because the ecu is locked, so only a main dealer can perform the required regeneration. To replace a DPF costs range from £1200 to £8000 depending on the vehicle and how much of the system becomes damaged. It is often the case that the turbo will become affected due to back pressure and then you have to often find other underlying issues such as injectors leaking excessively. 

What we do is come to you.

We have invested in a carbon cleaning machine that we carry mobile, the machine itself is a 25 AMP rated unit that works with distilled water to produce Hydrogen, and a non corrosive or chemical/ cleaning solution. This is mixed with the Hydrogen to create a chemical reaction once inside the air intake and upon contact with carbon.

The way our system performs is to allow enough gas to pass over a period of time covering all parts of the engine internally. The cleaner and Hydrogen react with the sticky residue and carbon to begin a chemical reaction, loosening off the carbon and disposing of it as it would do normally via the exhaust and DPF. We operate the EGR valve manually via our computer programme designed to free off the valves and look to take a before and after reading using our 5 gas exhaust analyser and also a flow test upstream and downstream at the DPF.

We can help to reduce costs by carrying out a DPF rescue service, this involves a much deeper clean and a higher amount of Hydrogen and cleaner being used to remove the soot content in the DPF. If you find yourself with engine management lights on we can simply come and diagnose your issue, but if you are lacking power and failing to start your motorbike, car, van, truck, aeroplane, helicopter, boat or even 60 tonne dumper truck, call us 1st. 

Some of the benefits gained by carbon cleaning are an increase in KW/H or BHP, a rise in MPG, response time and turbo lag improvement, clearing of smoking exhausts, lowering of emissions for MOT and prolonged use of a vehicle knowing that the major components are not clogging up with carbon. A DPF has a shelf life of 6 years, we can help to prolong that by regular cleaning and preventing the amount of Ash building up. But as with all repairs, sometimes the only repair is a replacement unit although we do offer a DPF removal service where it is cleaned in a booth off site. This takes approx 3 days. 

We welcome enquiries from fleet operators and leasing companies, or anyone who has an I.C.E. 

(Internal Combustion Engine).


Now for the small print (In bold) While we do strive to be honest and give you the best service available, everything you have read is true to our knowledge at the time of writing. We will not mislead you, or waste your time with fake news, fake diagnostics, fake results. We will agree interim costs prior to arrival and then give you a printed estimate on site. The cleaning machine is a preventative measure and should be used at intervals alongside a service to gain maximum benefits. This would stop the build up and scaling of the engine and the components mentioned. We do not use chemicals in any way and operate a non aggressive solution which is a green solution for our ethos and adheres to our morals. There are other companies out there who operate machines with and without chemicals and they could achieve equal or if not better results. We take our pride from a vehicle by vehicle repair and repeated requests for contractual talks.

Where do we cover?

We cover the whole of the UK. A price is available upon request as we have contracts from Scotland to Southampton.

What are the costs?

We are not a franchise, we do not lease our machines. We price each contract on it's own merit and each job as it comes in. We have a good price structure in our shop which will guarantee you our service on a day you  choose. 

Discounts are given and costs can be agreed for more than  one vehicle or contract and fleet work.

It is safe to say that we will not be beaten on price and if we are descaling and carbon cleaning cars for £30 locally to help everyone to do their part for the environment, then you will be treated fairly and not with profit in mind. A fair price for a job well done and cleaner air. 

For all other repairs such as clutch replacement on site, brakes and servicing get in touch. There is more to us than you dare to imagine.